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To be an industry leader for powersports in technology development, suspension innovation, warranty and back-end service, as well as Americas Most Trusted Powersports Brand. Designed and supported in the United States by powersports professionals. To deliver the best in Class value for all vehicles that we manufacture giving all consumers not just an amazing vehicle but a true investment.


As a educated consumer we know that you make your buying decisions based on facts, which include a solid investment and quality purchase. Make sure that you look at each product page and review the comparison sheets. For ALL products we sell we have put in all our competitors to show you that ODES is best in class for every class we compete. This also shows you get the most value in quality included parts offerings. Lastly is the warranty. ODES is 5 years on its 800 and 1000 vehicles, people might ask, is ODES quality? Consider this, would you buy a car that had a 1 year warranty or a 5 year warranty? Would you consider a car quality if it was only covered for 1 year? After the manufacture warranty is up typically people start expecting higher maintenance, things to break, and its time to trade in their vehicle. For powersports, why is this treated any differently? At ODES we don’t think it should, which is why we offer the 60 month warranty, in most cases this is 5-10 times longer than the industry standard warranty. We support our product for 5 years like the auto industry, we believe our warranty term answers the quality question for itself.


From our Patented Hard Cab Enclosures, Patented Rear Winch System, Utility Patent Pending Dual Fan Cooling System, Patent Pending Custom Wheels, Patented Vi-LOCK® Suspension System, to our exclusive performance exhaust systems through Two Brothers Racing, we are setting the bar OUT. OF. REACH.

  • Best in class value for every vehicle we manufacture.
  • Best in class towing for every vehicle we manufacture.
  • Most included features for any class of vehicle we manufacture.
  • Top 10 most researched UTV. (Powersports Business)
  • Best in class trade in value for 7 of the 9 vehicles we manufacture. (KBB)
  • Patented Vi-Lock Suspension – Best in class for all class our vehicles compete at 14.5” of travel.
  • Best in Class Ground clearance for all Long Travel models.
  • Industry first for All Touch LCD Screens at 7” and 10.6” .
  • Industry first for standard heated seats (LCD models).
  • Patented Rear Winch/Hitch System.
  • Industry first for Wireless Winch Control System.
  • Industry first stow and go window in roof system.
  • Industry first quick pop frontface hood. (x2/x4)
  • Industry first ATV with LCD.